Discover our commitment to recycling and sustainability.
Flooring environmentally friendly, made from reconstructed stone in Mallorca.

General Conditions of Sale

The material will be served on wooden pallets 100x100 to the price of 9.02 €/pallet, which will be paid in return, if they are in good condition and have been previously invoiced, to 8.41 €/palled. The pallets of 80x120, will be billed at the rate of 10.50 €/pallet and credited to 9,89 €/pallet. Not credited pallets that have checked into a previous one-year period.
Where the transport is carried out by Paviments Lloseta, s.l, will be considered for discharge up to 30 minutes, after which shall be billed time exceeding. The trips will be at full load.
Paviments Lloseta, s.l. is not liable for damage caused by oblivious to the same transport, or those produced in the work of fate by poor handling.
Materials supplied by Paviments Lloseta, s.l will be subject to retention of title to the satisfaction of the invoices.
Forms of payment are: cash or according to the legislation in force (Act 15/2010 and subsequent amendments).
Prices reflected in this tariff do not include VAT.
Assigned prices are for full pallets and material in stock.
For spare parts and material out of stock consult prices and conditions.
For orders less than 100 m2 which are to be manufactured, consult prices and availability.