• UNE-EN 1793-1

    UNE-EN 1793-2

    396 x 100 cm  con 1 side view
    396 x 100 cm  con 2 sides cares vistes

Designed specially to eliminate acoustical contamination, independent if fixed acoustical contamination or traffic noise. These products are vertical walls which are placed between the object which makes the noise and the receiver of this noise so that the noise, which is received by the receiver is the lowest possible one.

The wall panels absorb the noise and they are manufactured by a concrete matrix and a porous concrete tile, high quality for the absorption.

We are able to manufacture the walls in different sizes and colors, so that we can adapt the product to the environment. 

The advantages of the acoustic walls against normal or other type of walls:

Durableness of the compacting properties as time goes by
Structural durableness
The own capacity against physical and chemical actions
Null maintenance
The design with the groovings makes them uncomely for graffities
Manufacturing in different colors, depending on the site where they are going to be placed
Adaption to terrains with declines
Avoids additional risks for the drivers as these panels does not reflect the light of the cars

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