• UNE-EN 1338

    10 x 20 x 10 cm
    15 x 22,5 x 10 cm

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The locking paver developed by Paviments Lloseta is designed especially for use in high traffic areas , industrial areas, port areas, airports and large cargo needs. The design of the anchor guide groove of the base, together with a good filling of the joints, makes cobblestone pavement locking fitting together and preventing lateral movement .

This paver, due to the high demands of its scope of work , is made of a special high-strength concrete to get values ​​on the European standard DIN EN 1338. It can be produced in various formats and allows different types of placement .

The NEXUS paver 15X22 , 5X10 cm is available in SILENT finish, which, thanks to its enhanced surface , allows a significant reduction in noise. Comparative tests have on site by certified laboratory , where rolling noise measurement to the passage of a car at 50 km / h passes from 80.2 dBA with cobblestone normal to 69.9 dBA with cobblestone SILENT

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