• UNE-EN 13748-2

    34,5 x 15,3 x 4,2 cm

ligero trafico personal

Bitone are pavers which are manufactured exclusive by Paviments Lloseta and the end product offers two options, polish or shot blasted.

Due to their from, dimension and thickness, the pavers remain totally connected and fixed to the ground floor, so that it permits the passover of light traffic. The two optics, polished or shot blasted gives them a high value effect as the colors of the polished are active and the colors of the shot blasted product are more smooth. The product offers also a anti slide effect due to the grooved face mix (shot blasted). Bitone are available as polished product or shot blasted product.

All these characteristics makes them a perfect product for walk-overs, foot-walks, esplanades, entrance of shopping malls,....etc.

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