• UNE-EN 1339

    33,3 x 50 x 3 cm 
    30 x 60 x 4,7 cm
    40 x 60 x 4 cm
    40 x 60 x 4,7 cm

trafico personal

It is a new concept of high-strength reconstituted stone which eliminates the drawbacks of naturally sandstone (absorption, flexural strength, wear, molds, ...) Its aesthetic quality manages to give any room character.

Indoor is supplied with a special finish, aged, leaving the surface slightly polished and with a softer touch also paid particular attention to reducing the absorption of the visible surface (the basis of mass and treatment additives Durobrill colorless with special resins that do not alter the natural look of the stone), achieving very low absorption.

Their quality provides highly aesthetic solutions, achieving a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Unlike other materials can manufacture all kinds of accessories such as: vials, steps and special pieces