Since 1986 Paviments Lloseta manufactures and distributes different kind of concrete products like tiles, paving stones and other special products specially for the public works. Recently we have extended our product range so that we are also able to deliver products specially for private works.

Our constant investigation and evolution gives us the possibility to offer you a wide range of different products which covers the expectance of pavment, curbstones, products for facades, outside furnishings and complements.

Our enthusiasm for continuing improvment and untenable investigation and processing allows us to work with the most modern machines of the market. Our own control of the production processes allows us to create and manfuacture unique products for our markets, without doubt a quality seal.

Since our foundation we were working with a high quality level, specially in the design. Due to this constructors and the final customer has a guaranty to buy a first class product.

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