Ultima Hora: Special report about UH Ibiza on the new piers of the Botafoc.
BUSINESS LEADERS HAVE ensured an impeccable job The Temporary Union of Enterprises (UTE) composed by Ferrovial Agroman, CYES for Infrastructure and Llull Tailor has been responsible for carrying out one of the projects most important infrastructure developed in the Island in recent decades. The option was winner of the competition, providing the prestige and experience in large public works and demonstrating that the synergies provided by each one of them was guarantee of success in a project to be very complicated to run, and that has been under the supervision of the chief works, D. Rafael Aznar. In addition to the UTE have participated more than half a hundred companies, without whose assistance would have been impossible conclusion of the work in time and form. It should be noted, also, the paper provided by another world leader in the industry of building materials, Lafarge, which employs 65,000 people in 64 countries and achieved sales of 15,800 million euros in 2012. With a leading position in all its activities, cement, aggregates and concrete, Lafarge contributes to the construction of cities around the world with innovative solutions to make them more livable and bet, in addition to the research as a guarantee for the future. Paviments Lloseta , metallic carpentry Alember, maritime services and electrical installations Servisub Seiba, all of them major subcontractors, have also made a job worthy of mention, also merit local companies with activities ranging from the quarries to supplies.

Muelles del Botafoc Ibiza.